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Below you will find a short video describing what Survival Plan Online is all about.  Be sure to get your complimentary copy of the “The Three Day Survival Guide.”

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You don’t have to become a whacked out prepper in order to have your family prepared.  Preppers can sometimes go overboard but, you don’t have to.  We have placed a good number of useful survival articles on our site.

Dedicated to providing the latest in update information to the average American who has no formal training in being a prepper.  We have written numerous articles that will help each and every family do what it takes to be prepared for what is next.  Hurricanes, tornadoes, and other disasters are alsways in the news.  Don’t take the it can’t happen to me approach.  What if you had to go without the normal access to food and most importantly water for several days.  Are you and your family ready for that.  Probably not.  It does not have to be that way. Take the steps necessary to get your family ready for the next crisis.  Make sure you bookmark this page and this site in order to stay informed. Remember preppers survive because they have taken the steps to be ready for the next crisis.



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Prepper | Survival Plan implementation

prepper survival plan

Prepper Survival Plan

With the way the economy is and the upheaval of Governments and inept leaders you may want to have a . You may ask yourself what it means to be a prepper? To some it means someone who is paranoid about the future. Paranoid is a very harsh term but really that is what most people imply about preppers who prepare for disasters. I’am reminded of a story of a man named Noah and his sons built an arc and people scoffed at him but when the storm came it was too late for the scoffers. Preppers are wise people whom most  think are fools but in reality a wise man prepares for all things and acts not surprised nor is shaken when disaster has come.   Recently in one State people were without power for 2 weeks or more. In some counties you were in line for gas for 4 hours or more. People were fighting over gas and store products. Some stores had no food or water. So is it a dumb idea to be a prepper? I am sure a lot of those people wished they would have been prepared.

First of all if you are going to be a prepper by now you realize most people you know or family will not feel the same way. You do not have to let people know what you are doing but you can find some preppers of like mind such as yourself and exchange ideas and work together. If not you can do some things to prepare for any future disaster. You have to have a prepper survival plan. This will help you get things started but remember in order to be a successful prepper you want to work the plan and implement it as soon as possible. There are a lot of prepper survival plans out there but try to avoid the extreme Rambo training unless that’s your forte’. If you just want to get started with storing food and water there are articles on this blog and other web pages that offer free information that is helpful.


Prepping is a lifestyle, and we spend a significant amount of time and money to ensure our family will be protected post disaster / collapse.  We carefully budget for our family’s necessities, and we balance our inventory to make sure we have the appropriate amount of supplies for each member. We give up unnecessary things that we could have spent money on, because they do not serve a survival purpose. All the while, the zombies are enjoying their life.


Personally, I have prepared more supplies than my immediate family requires, and could likely take on an additional zombie. Or, I could heavily ration my supplies, and take on a few more. If we continue this pattern, eventually a one year’s supply of food, will equate to only a few months.


I have several close friends and co-workers that have stated that they would flee to my house during a disaster. Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I tell them they would not be welcome, but always; I try to encourage them to start preparing. I explain that each individual’s preparedness goals are different, but I believe that every household should have at least a month’s worth of food in reserve, in addition to basic sanitation and medical supplies.



Prepper Survival Plan | Healthy Lifestyle

Having a Prepper survival plan in place can lead to a healthy lifestyle. How can that be you may ask ? As you prepare you will realize you have peace of mind that you are taking steps to prepare yourself and your family to be preppers. You begin to realize that being healthy is important to each persons individual survival. For more information on  being a prepper. Read more….

Dutch Oven | Camping Survival

Dutch Oven | Camping Survival Preparation

Dutch Oven Camping Survival

Dutch Oven

Having a Dutch oven is probably a good thing to have for any long period of out door camping survival. The Dutch oven is versatile in that it is good for any type camping survival cooking except broiling. The Dutch oven is primarily for baking but because of it versatility it can also be used to cook other types of dishes you may enjoy such as casseroles, soups ,stews and other one pot meals.

The Dutch oven comes in sizes 10 to 16 inches in diameter and 3 to seven inches deep. The Dutch oven can weigh from 10 to 35 pounds in cast iron models and aluminum  models much lighter.  A good Dutch oven should have short legs to keep it from direct contact with hot coals. The rimmed cover is absolutely necessary for holding hot coals on top. Do not buy a house hold Dutch oven model which is highly polished without legs and a rimmed cover.

A new Dutch oven should be seasoned before using. Rub the inside of the Dutch oven with unsalted grease such as lard or vegetable oil. Next set it in a warm room or low heat oven for two or three hours. Wipe off excess grease and repeat this process to two or three times more for a better job. The greasing process will help make the cast iron Dutch oven practically rust proof and will cook better to.

The Dutch oven is an excellent kettle its primary function is for baking. Just about anything you can bake at home in your oven range you can bake with a Dutch oven. Grease the interior of the Dutch oven as you would a baking tin, and you can bake biscuits, muffins, rolls and bread without additional utensils.

Why Learn Dutch Oven Cooking?

An unfortunate byproduct of today’s busy lifestyle is that many people have moved away from traditional cooking in favor of fast, pre-prepared heat and serve meals – or worse, a steady diet of fast food. As a result, fewer and fewer youth are learning how to cook. Dutch Oven Net is here to help combat this trend by promoting Dutch oven cooking as a healthy, fun alternative and a great way to get our youth interested in cooking and eating well.

The cooking methods and Dutch oven recipes you will find on Dutch Oven Net are designed to be healthy and wholesome with a focus upon from scratch cooking. Cooking meals from scratch doesn’t mean difficult. Aspiring chefs as young as 11 or 12 have been known to come up with some really great Dutch oven meals. It takes a bit of planning, time and effort but the reward of good food and satisfied diners is more then well worth it.

Dutch Oven | Survival Skills

Survival skills can really come in handy when you want or have to camp for enjoyment or necessity in either case you will have to  eat. So enjoy the the simple pleasures of being able to cook with the Dutch Oven . There are many advantages of knowing how to cook with a dutch oven the most important is the many different recipes that are afforded for free on line. For more information  read more…

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